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The urban black by Irene Aspas

Combined urban black by Irene Aspas from Rock my boots fashion blog

Fashion to the mountains

Look! Golden leggings and high boots are always the best fashion for a mountains trip 🙂

Bad Easter fashion

Spring, sun is sun is shining, flowers are bloom…but remember!!! Easter and family meeting is not the right occasion for bikini and leather pants! This is good outfit…

What wear for Easter

For Easter usually is good spring weather. People visit their family so you need to look modern, hot…but not to much sexy because you will meet your family…

Spring is coming

Spring is coming – finally 🙂 so…let’s have a look what fashion will be hot and what not 😉 in this year!

Bad fashion for date

Never dress like this on date!!! Skirt is so short, stockings are visible. All clothes in black…fashion is provocative !!!

Time for party!

January is moth of carnival and party. If you don’t know what to wear, black dress is always the best choose!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all!!! And for this occasion I present you outfit for New Year’s Eve or another party! Black transparent shirt, silver skirt and of course  high…